It always amazed me that people were adding beauty and personal touch on their daily lives over the centuries, by decorating and embellishing even the most trivial items.

And then, these indifferent shapes, merely utensils, became extraordinary, transformed into a piece of art. My handcrafted collection of up-cycled material and other simple / clean shapes was inspired by exactly that; the need to add colour and feeling, hone our senses and shed mood light in our relaxing moments.

After I had made a few recycled glass lanterns for our coffee table, our fireplace and terrace and a few more for friends, I just didn’t want to stop.

In any little bit of free time in the past years I have always enjoyed crafting, but this time I really fell in love! ! Drawings, embroideries, oil lamps, book covers, metal items, jewellery, belt buckles, even weapons and combat gear, from the ancient Greek and Roman heritage to early Byzantine years and the eastern oriental art, have made a wealth of patterns that I used to decorate my hand dyed glass items.

And soon, other forms, materials and canvases were to follow…

I just love the way the light reflects through coloured glass and the way colours change in different environments.

Place them or hang them individually, string them together on a table, on a shelf, on the floor or include them in your outdoor setting, put tea lights, candles or even fresh flowers in them and let them accompany your moments with sparkling colours…

Lily Bouri

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